Five benefits of a clean carpet in your office

1. A clean carpet tells your staff and visitors that cleanliness matters to your company.
2. Clean carpets help keep bad odors from surfacing.
3. Your staff is more likely to keep their workspaces clean after the carpets are clean.
4. Clean carpets help keep allergies from dust, mold, and other allergens at bay.
5. A good first impression for company visitors is important to your business success.

Reliable Carpet Cleaning offers commercial carpet cleaning services in Seattle, Washington.We recommend cleaning the carpets at least once a year. Since we are in the Pacific Northwest, the amount of rain we get can track in a lot of mud and water. Some areas of your office carpet, such as near the doors or on stairs, may need a more regular cleaning schedule than a back office that is currently empty.
Our technicians are happy to discuss a cleaning schedule recommendation with you at the time of your appointment. We use manufacture-approved cleaning agents so as not to damage your carpets.
Our cleaning agents are non-toxic and safe. This is important if your office always has children or pets on the floor. We want to help you provide a clean and healthy environment in your office. This is one way that we do so.
Please call us today to schedule your commercial carpet cleaning appointment. We look forward to working with your Seattle area business. You can rely on us.