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It is advised that carpets should be vacuumed every day. Dirty carpets can affect your living environment and cause illnesses.  If you are unable to clean your carpets every day you can use the services of Seattle Carpet Cleaners. In the meantime take a moment to read this article and learn more about the effects of dirty carpets.

Your house will not be tidy

When you do not clean your carpet every day, dirt and dust will build up in it.  As a result other areas of your house which do not have carpet will have dust even after you have cleaned.

Your house will have un-pleasurable odors

The odors on dirty carpets can travel to other rooms of your house. This is not good for your reputation and the health of your family and visitors.

Dust will build up on your furniture

As air rotates in your house and due to foot movements some dust will lift from the carpet and stick to your furniture.  When this dust has built up, your furniture may tare easily or quickly become old.  Cleaning your carpet every day will enhance the life-span of your furniture too.

Your carpet will get old quickly

Cleaning your carpet can be regarded as a process of refreshing your carpet. It stops dust from building up and leaves pleasurable odors. A carpet that is constantly cleaned lasts longer and keeps up its factory shape and look.

You will be prone to illnesses

Many studies have proven that some sicknesses are evoked by our living conditions.  If you live in a dusty environment you may become prone to allergens and infections. The good news is that the excellent cleaning services of Seattle carpet cleaners can help you minimize all the health risks associated with dirty carpets.  For now, I’ll share some of the illnesses that have (in some cases) been linked to dirty carpets:

Athlete’s Foot

If you have a dirty carpet and it happens that you get a cut, some dust may enter your body and cause Athlete’s Foot.

Respiratory inflammation

Mycotoxins are toxins that are produced by fungus.  This fungus can be found anywhere where there is dust or mold.  The person who is exposed to Mycotoxins is at risks of respiratory inflammation because if the dust is inhaled it can damage the respiratory tubes.