• A truck mount system utilizes hot water to clean your carpet, sometimes requiring no detergent at all. This keeps your home healthier and gives you a “green” alternative for carpet cleaning.
  • The hoses that come from a truck-mount system are portable, convenient and cause fewer interruptions.
  • Truck mounted equipment tends to provide a more thorough cleaning than portable units, especially in high traffic areas where deeper cleaning may be necessary.
  • There is a much smaller risk for spillage of used water with the truck mount system. They hold a greater capacity for waste water and/or any detergents used, and are more efficient at isolating these from the home or business.
  • Utilizing a truck-mount system does mean that outside air will come into the home or business during carpet cleaning. Consider uncomfortable outdoor temperatures when scheduling your routine carpet care. Portable units may be more appropriate in extreme heat or cold, though drying time again, can be an issue.

    While equipment plays an important role in the effectiveness of your carpet cleaning, there are other factors to consider when choosing which is appropriate. The most important of these factors is finding a reputable firm with experienced staff running the equipment of your choice.