Having a good Seattle cleaning service handle the cleaning of your home or apartment is not always just a luxury. In many homes today all the adults work full-time and may even take on additional work just to make ends meet, which means they simply do not have the time or the energy to clean their home afterwards. For some, a good Seattle cleaning service can mean making it easier to keep up with the regular housework since this service can handle the larger jobs of vacuuming and mopping so that a homeowner can handle the light dusting and other minor chores in between their visits. Many people today find this necessary when they simply cannot physically handle these larger chores. It’s also good to consider a Seattle cleaning service for aging parents who cannot and should not be handling these things on their own as well. Adult children trying to care for their own households and their parent’s homes as well can appreciate the amount of work this saves them.

Finding the right Seattle cleaning service for your home or office is important as these people will have access to your property; they need to handle their cleaning working properly and effectively while respecting your property and your space. A poor quality job can mean damage to your property and can also mean an ineffective job, wasting the money you spend. Knowing how to choose a good Seattle cleaning service is important as price alone does not always determine the best company for you.

To find the best Seattle cleaning service first assess your own needs. Are you looking for home or office services? What types of services do you need? Make a complete list, and include everything in every room. Consider how often you want your Seattle cleaning service to visit; are you thinking every week or every month? Their price may affect this decision but if you have an idea ahead of time this will help the service to determine what they can do for you and how much they may charge. If you have them visit just once per month they may tack on a small additional charge since they’ll be working harder each visit.When you’re ready to hire a Seattle cleaning service, expect them to come into every area of your home or office that will need to be cleaned and to do a thorough inspection. They should give you a checklist of all the items that need to be done and this checklist should serve as their guide for every visit. Typically when you hire a Seattle cleaning service you are paying them by the service, not the hour, so they go by this list of what needs to be accomplished with each visit.The right Seattle cleaning service will give you personalized service that is a good fit for your home or business, so take your time choosing a company that will work for you.

Flood Clean Up & Water Damage Control
Water damage to a home or business can occur in many ways. It can be very stressful and cause extensive damage. This bad experience requires immediate attention to minimize further losses and prevent the growth of mold, bacteria and viruses. A carpet infested even with small moisture can lead to considerable health risks. The sooner you treat the damage, the better.

Only professional and qualified care can restore your property to its original state and put you back to normal life as fast as possible.

Scotch Guard Protection
Scorch Guard Protection is an inert treatment applied directly to the fibers that make up your carpet. This treatment protects your carpet from stains and soil. Treated carpet with Scotch guard is more resistant to staining, it is also much easier to clean as the fibers of your carpet repel the materials which create the stain. From the top of your carpet to the bottom, Scotch guard delivers deep-down protection and keeps your carpet looking good longer. Scotch guard is ideal for high traffic areas such as carpet, rugs, stairways and hallways. It will not change the look or appearance of your carpet or rug.

Power Scrub
If there are heavy traffic lanes or areas on your carpet, we recommend Power Scrub for your carpet, which will help to scrub the dirt out from the carpet and provide the best look possible.

Stain and Odor Removal
Stains and Odor need quick and professional response. Their quick absorption from the carpet will save the carpet from permanent staining. Our stain and odor treatment will make your carpet look good and smell fresh again. We offer a non-toxic pet stain and odor removal system so it will be safe for your pets.

Residential & Commercial Moving Services
We also offer residential and commercial Moving Services. For more information call Reliable Moving (206-443-0210) or visit www.reliablemoving.com.